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Jaguar I-Pace to arrive in early 2018

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I know a lot of people were excited by the Jaguar I-Pace. The good news is that it will debut in early 2018. That has to be a surprise since there was some question about whether it would ship at all. Should be a solid car. Tata has done some nice work with Jaguar and Magna Steyer is a top notch manufacturer. Uses LG Chem cells BTW.

Won't have a ton of more utility than the Bolt EV but it will have style, and 300 miles of range is really a lot more than 238 in that it makes some marginal trips doable.
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Jaguar's styling has always impressed me as being 100% opposite of Toyota's eye-sore design language. But keep in mind a concept car rarely lasts through the production redesign process. :(

Still, this one could be a contender. Someday.
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