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GM really needs to let the Corvette styling department design an all electric 4 seat luxury performance sports sedan to really compete with the model 3. They already have most of the right parts and know how, just DO IT!

Put a Bolt motor in the back, and a Volt gen2 motor in the front of a Bolt chassis and battery, minus the gas engine, and you have a 350 hp. all wheel drive supercar that would probably do 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds, and still have around 200 miles range per charge.
If you aren't going to use the ICE, it probably doesn't make sense to use anything Voltec up front. I don't think you'll save any cost over a second Bolt motor (or a Spark motor package, if they're still making them?) by using the Volt motor, and you are adding parts that have to be changed/adapted.

You want something longer, wider, and lower than the Bolt platform to compete with the 3/S as you're suggesting - regardless of performance, you have to deliver on the look to convince some of those people.

But yeah, it'd be nice to see GM step up with something like this - either as a 200 mile BEV or as a ~70 mile EREV with the Voltec intact and a doubled battery compared to a Volt (to handle the higher current draw.)
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