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issue with battery or battery management system, missing 20%

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I have Opel Ampera 2013, 90.000km / Chevrolet Volt

ssue with battery or battery management system:

Wheen charging battery to full:

1. everyting is O.K. until around 80% SOC-U approx. 1.5 hour to complete charging
2. around 80% SOC-U electric current drop under 1kw (16A charging station)
3. SOC-U % stops at 80% for approx. 20 minutes
4. in 1 second, SOC-U jump from 80% to 100% (Fully charged) > 1.5 hour before expected (Fully charge), when normal condition need 0.5 hour more time than expected.

Youtube movie 20:04 moment when SOC-U jump from 80% to 100%


When driving with 100% full battery:

1. first 2 km (downhill) I use 1kw, where normal use is 0kw (1 year, same everyday)
2. next few kilometers on flat road I use anoter 1kw (sum=2kw), where normal use is 0.6-0.9 (1 year, same everyday)
3. when Soc-U is bellow 70%, consumption (kw) become normal as expected

Normal 1 year average result for 18km long distance (drive every day):

Summer - 1.9 - 2.4 kw
Winter - 2.8 - 3.4 kw

Now - ideal condition, 100% battery) with issue: 4.0kw
Now - ideal condition, 60% battery) with issue: 2.0kw

Range 45km - 55km, before issue 65km - 75km
Computer consumption after gas engine starts is around 9.9kw - 10.5kw most of the time, when I spotted issue for the first time it was around 8.0 for 3 or 4 rides.

I was on service to check state of battery, computer did not show any errors.

Does anyone seen this problem?
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I had issue with 2013 Volt with loss of 20% total KWh per charge at times and lower
than normal range

The dealer updated some software and car has been fine since

Here is link to my post

Hope this helps
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