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Is Voltec charger waterproof?

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I have always charged in my garage. Now I have moved to a condo with access to an outdoor plug. Is there any problem plugging into this plug that is fully exposed to the weather(plastic cover that flips up)?

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So, we'll call it weather resistant, but not waterproof.
The only weatherproof and truly watertight EVSE I know is the EMW JuiceBox, which I have from a kit. When the famous "Ice Water Challenge" was in the news, EMW did their own "challenge", dunking a live powered Level 2 JuiceBox in a barrel of ice water, and charging a Nissal Leaf for hours while the entire EVSE and most of the cables were in the barrel. Later they removed the EVSE, unpowered it, then opened it to prove that it was watertight.

My JuiceBox kit is also watertight because I built it that way. I posted the construction info in a past 2014 post here on the forums. The latest JuiceBox is more sophisticated, but still watertight, so if you live where the weather is bad (in my case I get heavy showers and tropical storms), get a EMW Juicebox EVSE. BTW, they will soon sell a DCFC set for the Chevu Bolt (up to 25 kW).
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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