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Is Voltec charger waterproof?

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I have always charged in my garage. Now I have moved to a condo with access to an outdoor plug. Is there any problem plugging into this plug that is fully exposed to the weather(plastic cover that flips up)?

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I charge my Volt outdoors every night because my kiddies have taken over the garage with their pet stuff (rabbits and cavies) and our house overfloweth with so much junk that there's nowhere else to put it. So, I went to Home Depot, picked up a clear plastic storage bin with blue cover (~28"x18"x5"), cut a ~1/3" slit at the top edge of each end for the power leads (AC mains and the EVSE's cord), snapped the cover in place, and it now withstands seriously heavy rainfall (we've picked up about 18" the past month in NorCal) with no issues whatsoever. Total cost was about $8-$10. Easy-peasy:)
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