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Is there a kWh meter built into the car?

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Is there a meter somewhere in one of the menus that shows the amount of kWh the car used during the most recent charging session? I'm trying to figure out an easy way to track my energy usage and reimburse my homeowner's association without the need for an actual meter on the circuit which apparently is quite costly to install.
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The MPGe figure combined with miles driven is the only in car metric I believe. This info might be available through third party and OnStar using

1 gallon of gas for MPGe is 33.4 kwh, so if you drove 100 miles and had 100 mpge, that would mean you used 1 gallon equivalent or 33.4 kwh electricity from the wall. However, this number shifts if you burn gas so the gas miles would also need to be recorded and factored out. Messy.

If you just want a ballpark figure, look at your kwh used display when you plug in, and divide by 0.8 to figure in charging losses.

The Voltstats method might be best if a power meter isn't an option at the charger.
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