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Is there a kWh meter built into the car?

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Is there a meter somewhere in one of the menus that shows the amount of kWh the car used during the most recent charging session? I'm trying to figure out an easy way to track my energy usage and reimburse my homeowner's association without the need for an actual meter on the circuit which apparently is quite costly to install.
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If you have OnStar active you can go to and download the history of the last 7 days, 30 days or a year, you will get soemthing like this:
Charge Start Charge End Total Charge Time Charge Result kW-hr
10/24/16 at 05:11 PM CDT 10/24/16 at 05:28 PM CDT 0 hours 17 minutes Partial 0.36
10/23/16 at 04:34 PM CDT 10/23/16 at 07:06 PM CDT 2 hours 31 minutes Full 3.22
10/23/16 at 09:18 AM CDT 10/23/16 at 10:54 AM CDT 1 hours 35 minutes Partial 2.03

If not and you are using 120v you can get a killawatt from harbor freight (or equivalent) and get reading for every 7 days.

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Nice! thanks for the information.
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