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Is there a kWh meter built into the car?

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Is there a meter somewhere in one of the menus that shows the amount of kWh the car used during the most recent charging session? I'm trying to figure out an easy way to track my energy usage and reimburse my homeowner's association without the need for an actual meter on the circuit which apparently is quite costly to install.
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If you're going to install an L2 EVSE you can find one with a meter included. I purchased one from forum member vegasbrad. Google BSA Electronics and you'll get to his website. He's very good to work with and will build what you want. The meter gives a readout for the last session as well as a total overall Kwh. The total is pretty much like the meter on your house - make note of the current total and and check it again a month later; subtract one from the other and you know how much kwh you used for the month. Here's a couple of pics of my setup right after I installed it. The 72 Wh is the current charge session (I was basically at full SOC when I plugged it in) and the 7 Kwh is the total use sent through the EVSE (in this case the 7 Kwh is the result of his after build testing).


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