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Is the Chevy Volt lower in the front than in the back or is mine bad?

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Hello Everyone,

So I took a small roadtrip to mexico. It was in the middle of the night in the highway at over 60mph. There were no signs for a bump. There was a bump and a very big one (big enough to scrape air dam at low speeds). It was too late when I saw it so I didnt even break. The car got some air for I'm not sure how long and landed nicely on all 4 wheels. The car drove as if nothing had happened.

Later I started to nothice the front suspension was softer, and then that it was sinking more than usual. Only noticeable when going over bumps. I took it to the dealer and they said the car is fine and charged me $70. Now I've noticed the front end is lower than the back.

Is that normal?

I know that by the back bumper it is supposed to be higher but at the front side of the back wheel and the back side of the front wheel theres defenitely a difference in height.

Please help I really dont want to take it to the dealer for them to "inspect" and say its ok.

Note: The car car taking air at those speeds was something short of amazing. It was bad. I have never experienced something like that and the car took it like a champ. I'm so angry my dashcam had stopped recording because of an error.
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Indeed, there is considerable rake to the Volt stance. Not really sure way. The raked stance for many pickup trucks is understandable as an attempt to enhance load carrying capacity. But for the Volt, it is one of those seemingly inexplicable oddities.
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