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Is the Air Filter covered under warranty

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My Volt is being serviced right now and I want to get the cabin air filter replaced since I smell a smell when its recirculating and they said they usually replace it at 22,000 miles anyway (have 23,000+)

$55.95 to replace it

Is that something you normally pay for or should it be no charge
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It may help to have the after blow function turned on, your local dealership can do this in just a few minutes and if you are still under bumper to bumper warranty, it should be done at no charge. The after blow function will help keep the evaporator core dry by turning on the blower motor about 10 minutes after the car is powered off. The blower motor will cycle on and off for about 1 hour, about a minute at a time. By keeping the evaporator core dry, it will reduce the musty smell. Both Gen 1 and 2 have this built in to the car, just needs to be commanded on with a scan tool.
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