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Is the Air Filter covered under warranty

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My Volt is being serviced right now and I want to get the cabin air filter replaced since I smell a smell when its recirculating and they said they usually replace it at 22,000 miles anyway (have 23,000+)

$55.95 to replace it

Is that something you normally pay for or should it be no charge
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This might help
Avoiding the HVAC "Funk" - The Lysol treatment.

I updated my method in post #15 using Ozium. I quickly changed over to the "traditional" scent which is like lemon pledge.

For Gen 1
How to replace the cabin filter (video)

The cabin filter
Stock type:
Would you happen to know where the air intake is on the Gen 2? I could use the recirc-on method located in the quoted block in that post you linked, but it'd be good to know either way.

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