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Is the Air Filter covered under warranty

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My Volt is being serviced right now and I want to get the cabin air filter replaced since I smell a smell when its recirculating and they said they usually replace it at 22,000 miles anyway (have 23,000+)

$55.95 to replace it

Is that something you normally pay for or should it be no charge
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The cabin filter in the gen 1 is VERY easy to replace yourself. No tools required! The gen 2 on the other hand is a nightmare from what I've read. It requires a socket wrench and an extender to reach the bolts that secure the hatch cover that holds the filter hostage.
Rather than a socket wrench with extender, it's easier to use a socket driver:

If you have a socket wrench set, it probably comes with a driver. A socket set is really useful for anyone who does any sort of repairs around the house or on cars. Buy one for $30 and you save the $30 the dealer will charge you to replace the cabin air filter every year. (Doing so yourself, by the way, is not at all a nightmare - there are step-by-step instructions on this forum, and it's quite easy.)
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