As many people in right-leaning circles have long and repeatedly said, the Volt is Obama’s fault , right? After all, how many voices have we heard decrying the subsidized, under-selling, symbolic failure of an “ Obamamobile ” following GM's bailout, and related issues?

But seriously, we know many conservatives also see the Volt as a great step forward – and some of you object to even calling those doing the Volt bashing true "conservatives." In any event, at GM-Volt we are actually apolitical about this car.

Simply put, the Volt represents a solution for everyone regardless of political affiliation. Given however politics are a reality, and it is that time in the election cycle again, we were offered a video commentary by die-hard Volt owner and peak oil preparation advocate, MrEnergyCzar.


"The Volt is presently the number one selling plug-in vehicle in the world," says MrEnergyCzar, and one thing President Obama has latched onto is it "is backed and made with American ingenuity." But should he get all the credit? Could political capital be reclaimed by the Republicans who got this ball rolling?

As GM-Volt readers know, the Volt offers domestic energy security , is a home-grown solution to weaning away from petroleum consumption and pollution, and any politician ought to want to claim credit for it – isn't that so?

If this country actually devoted more than the present fraction of the resources it does for military expenditures – used in no small measure to secure our oil supplies – and developed true domestic energy security, do you think future generations would look back with gratitude?

No doubt, but for its part, GM has said it does not want photo ops this time around with either Mitt Romney or President Obama, having seen unintended consequences already over what may now be America’s most politicized car .

Aside from GM’s own political considerations and desire to get down to the business of business, since taking office Obama has embraced GM's Volt – and taken credit for financial resuscitation of GM – both of which were begun by Republicans.

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Proof we're not making this stuff up: Here Lee Spieckerman, a self-described conservative empathetically but assertively chastises his peers to cease from the “fetish” of demonizing the Volt, and get facts straight, as has also conservative Bob Lutz .

But MrEnergyCzar suggests Republicans have made tactical mistakes in distancing themselves from what they might take credit for.

“I think the Republicans lost a few opportunities to show that they are for the future, fuel efficient cars and using less oil,” says MrEnergy Czar. “Back when the economy cratered, at the end of Bush's eight years in office, Bush signed the Wall Street bailout package in October 2008.”

MrEnergyCzar notes also that Bush put in place the $7,500 EV tax credit blamed on Obama by some. Now, he says, Obama is in position to say his administration successfully saved GM and its Volt, which last month – as one of the most highly awarded cars yet saw its best sales month yet as well.

GM has otherwise played its hand so well, Cool Hand Luke would have been proud. It has weathered all manner of bashing, stretched facts, insinuations, and outright fabrications as it builds itself a balance sheet now topping $40 billion. It has played it cool with the Volt, and the car is starting to look like not such a loser so thet even some of the louder critics have reversed position or at least quieted down, with some offering praise as well .

The Volt – awarded even by Europeans in a way no American car has – well-engineered by GM, and being exported all over the world now could actually be an amazing success story right now.

Obama long ago figured that out, but MrEnergyCzar questions the “right” and where it stands, and where it wants to go now.

Have the Republicans painted themselves into a corner since before Mitt Romney wrote his 2008 op-ed saying “ Let Detroit Go Bankrupt ?”

These are issues to consider, but the purpose here is not to invite yelling, flaming or screeds.

"Ohio is so important to win with about 1 in 8 Ohio jobs related to the auto industry," says MrEnergyCzar. "We shouldn't be surprised to see the Right get behind the auto bailouts if they are way behind and get desperate for votes."


The question here is does the Volt – along with other electrified vehicles – truly represent a universal solution? And if so, what should be done about it by the party that wants to take the White House?

If the Republicans want to reclaim credit for the Volt, they may need to do some creative backpedaling, says MrEnergyCzar. Never mind that even George Bush Senior bought a Volt for his son Neil, the Volt and GM’s rescue are still associated with Obama – as though that’s a stigma, and not a credit.

“I think that was a lost opportunity for the Republicans,” says MrEnergyCzar. “The Democrats picked it up and ran with it, and now Obama's going to get credit for saving GM and for the success of the Chevy Volt. I think Republicans are kind of in a jam now. I don't know how they are going to spin it to get it back to their credit but they still can, I think there is still time.”

Once again, we are not advocating a partisan position, but raising issues where hopefully we’ll see more light than heat, as the saying goes.

Have a nice weekend.