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iPhone resumes playing podcast 5 seconds after Gen2 car is turned off

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I have an intermittent issue with my 2017 Gen2. I'll be playing a podcast or something from my iPhone, I'll shut off the car and as I am about to get out the podcast will suddenly resume and I have to manually stop it.

I've tried a number of variations (bluetooth instead of plugging in, hitting pause on the screen before turning car off, hitting pause on the iPhone before turning car off, etc.) but they all randomly exhibit this issue.

My suspicion is that I am so slow getting out of the car that it thinks I want to sit for a while and want my radio to keep playing, kind of how it leaves the lights on until you've had a chance to walk away from the car. But does that make sense?

I may also be an outlier in that I usually leave my phone in the car instead of carrying it away every time I stop.

This is with an iPhone5, but I also saw it with the iPhone4.

Anybody else seen this happen?
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Nope, opening the door won't stop it! Good thought though. My old Prius definitely used the door opening to realize you were done with things like the headlights, which would otherwise stay on while you sat in the turned off car (and run the battery down).

I think we all see this happening:

Listening to phone audio, via bluetooth.
Stop the car. Turn off "engine".
Audio stops for a second, then resumes.
Open door.
Audio stops.


But since you are hearing audio even after opening the door, from the car speakers, that's super weird.

That said, I have seen some buggy behavior with certain podcast apps. For example, DownCast sometimes has trouble playing over bluetooth even though every other app and phone call is working fine over bluetooth. I wouldn't be surprised if your podcast app is having a strange interaction with the car.

Do other apps exhibit that same oddness? Or is it limited to one specific app?
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