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iPhone issue - No music file

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Hi All,

Hopefully there isn't a thread on this already (I searched)... I have an iPhone 6+ that I normally plug into the console of my 2013 Volt to listen to Apple Music or Podcasts. I'm currently on iOS 10.3. This has worked just fine since I bought my car 3 years ago. For some reason, about 2 months back, every time I plug my phone into the console, it gets angry and a message pops up on the Volt console saying "no music file found". It's a pop-up window and you can hit "ok", and the music or podcast (or whatever is playing really... there isn't a difference between the app that is feeding the audio) will stop. If you just leave the pop-up window open, the audio source will continue to play. It's annoying, and if you try to turn the volume up... audio crashes. Shift into reverse? Audio crashes. Has anybody seen this before?
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I haven't had this happen in my 2013, but in my Leaf, it would not let me play Podcasts or stream any audio (from Pandora) unless I had at least one song loaded on my iPhone. So now I keep one song on it all the time. I do have this annoying thing where my 2013 will default and switch to Pandora the moment I plug my iPhone into USB. I usually just use the USB to charge, and I listen to NPR, so I guess I need to start plugging into the 12v adaptor to avoid the infotainment cutting out my NPR radio listening everytime I plug in my phone.
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