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IOS 11 and CarPlay

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Is anyone else having issues with CarPlay since upgrading to IOS 11? I have a 7Plus and the maps started ok then I tried to launch some music and it all stopped. The iPhone disconnected and would not reconnect until after a reboot. The music didn't work well either after all this. It all worked great before the upgrade.
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I recently installed iOS 11 on my iPhone SE. Then I tested CarPlay in my 2017 Volt. I had a chance to try out Apple Maps guidance and prefer the new map display, especially now that arrival time, minutes to destination and miles to go does not disappear when approaching turns on the trip route. Even though Apple Maps now displays the speed limit on the current road I have observed several times that Apple Maps displays an incorrect speed limit, so always check the road signs. I had trouble getting Amazon Music to play. I was successful once I started Amazon Music from the phone instead of from within CarPlay. I notice that Spotify (Free version) no longer works with CarPlay. I am not sure if this is a change in Spotify's terms of service or a compatibility issue. I did experience one hiccup where all audio stopped working on the Volt Infotainment system. Shutting off the Volt for 15 minutes seems to have reset the system, fixed the problem.
My 6s with IOS 11 and CarPlay seem to be working fine still. Is there a way to get the maps app to show your direction at the top rather than North at the top? (can't seem to find a setting in the maps app)
If you switch your Apple Maps view be to Detail View instead of Overview the direction you are heading will appear at the top of the screen.
This might belong in a separate thread but I recently tried using an Apple Watch 3 (the GPS version not the GPS + LTE version) in my 2017 Volt. I was unsuccessful in getting the Volt's Bluetooth (BT) to pair with the Apple Watch so any plans for streaming music from the Apple Watch or making hands free phone calls using just the Apple Watch were dashed.

I also attempted to use my Volt's wireless charging option to see if the Apple Watch would detect the Volt's charging slot. The Apple Watch easily fits inside the wireless charging slot if you remove one of the watch straps (the watch strap will slide right out when you press the release button on the back of the Apple Watch.) I tried positioning the Apple Watch in different locations within the wireless charging slot and faced the Apple Watch forwards and backwards but the Apple Watch did not detect the Volt's wiring charger.

The Apple Watch did pair with the iPhone while the iPhone was streaming audio via BT through the Volt's audio system. Depending on the watch display setting the Apple Watch will display the title of the current music track that is playing. The music title also displayed on the Apple Watch while Amazon Music was streaming over WiFi and playing through the Volt's audio system via BT.

The MyChevrolet app will work from the Apple Watch 3 but only the key fob functions of the MyChevrolet app are available on the Apple Watch. The MyChevrolet app requires you to enter your OnStar PIN before you can access the key fob functions using the Apple Watch unless you have set a pass code for the Apple Watch that you then enter when you strap the Apple Watch onto your wrist, then I don't believe that the MyChevrolet app requires you to enter your PIN to use the keyfob functions. Unlike other Apple Watch functions and apps that can work with BT or WiFi (if BT is not available or within range) the MyChevrolet app appears to require a BT connection to be able to communicate between the Apple Watch and the iPhone. The MyChevrolet app indicated that the iPhone was not found would not allow me to use the key fob functions when I turned off BT on my iPhone.

[Updated] I was finally able to pair the Apple Watch 3 with my Bose Quiet Comfort 30 BT earbuds. I had to first clear the list of previous BT devices from the headphones by holding the power button for 10 seconds. The Bose earbuds now work with the Apple Watch 3.

The latest version of Amazon Music now includes Alexa service. You have to tap the Alexa button within the Amazon Music app on your phone. Then you can issue all of the Alexa commands including home lighting and automation. So if you have an OnStar data plan in your Chevrolet Volt, Bolt, etc. the WiFi hotspot will enable you to communicate with your Alexa app while on the road. The Amazon Music App with Alexa works with the Volt's BT, at least the Alexa audio was playing through the Volt's audio system, I am not sure if the Volt's microphone is active in this mode.
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