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IOS 11 and CarPlay

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Is anyone else having issues with CarPlay since upgrading to IOS 11? I have a 7Plus and the maps started ok then I tried to launch some music and it all stopped. The iPhone disconnected and would not reconnect until after a reboot. The music didn't work well either after all this. It all worked great before the upgrade.
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Just got a 6s and updated to ios11 before trying CarPlay, I got a blank screen! Then booted off completely. Any suggestions? I used to have a 5s running 9.3 and it worked smoothly and a friend’s 7+, ios10 was fine too.
Turns out my cable is the problem. I put on an original cable and it worked right away.
Spotify, free account, worked in my case, but podcast app shows a blank for a while, then I switched to another app and later after a stop and start it worked. Maps app navigation was missing a couple of guidance, not sure why. Seems to be occasionally not continuing at random after Siri or guidance.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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