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Hi All,
I have an issue with the internal music system Hard drive of my 2012 Volt. Several weeks ago, I updated my personal music files and reloaded them into the Hard drive, deleting all the previous files and starting from scratch. There were about 1200 audio files, which reloaded just fine. Initially, the new audio library worked great, but now it seems to be “stuck” on one specific audio file and constantly reboots itself. It will display the name of the audio file, (AL-Hotel California, the “AL” designation tells me in the directory that it is the whole album as a single file) then immediately reboots the audio system. As soon as it starts to play the audio file again, it reboots. The only way I have found to get around this is to use a USB stick with my library on it, or the radio, or plugin my phone. This does not clear up the issue on the HDD, just bypasses it. However, this SAME audio file on a USB stick has the same results, locking up the system, which leads me to believe that this specific file is corrupt and it is not a Hard drive failure issue.
Ok, Since the system reboots so quickly after encountering the bad audio file, I cannot manually delete the file from the HDD. Simply no time to hit the button before the reboot. I have disconnected the 12V battery for 5 minutes hoping that this would “erase” the memory of the system that is pointing to the bad audio file upon startup of the HDD. It did not help. I have reset the “options” on the radio to factory specs, that did not help. I think that I need to manually delete the file but have read that removing the hard drive from the radio chassis instantly locks it as an anti-theft measure. I’ve also read that the operating system that controls the HDD is far from your basic Windows system.
Not really looking to replace the whole radio as all other systems work perfectly. Also, not too keen to try installing a new SSHD as the reviews are mixed on those as well, and I’d still have the anti-theft issue to contend with.
Any thoughts?
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