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Intermittent "Shift To Park" when shutting off

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As I approach my 2-year purchase anniversary, I guess my car decided to celebrate by presenting another annoyance.

Yesterday I parked at my neighbors' house and shut the car off. It dinged and said "Shift To Park" so I restarted it, observed that the shift indicator was indeed showing "P" (on both the shifter and dashboard), and shut it off again. It was fine for several starts/shutdowns after that.

Then today, I pulled in my garage and it happened again. Right as I was about to restart it, it also said "remote not detected, press brake to restart". So I did. Once again, I observed that "P" was shown in both places, shut it down again, and it was fine. I got out of the car and used the outside button on the door handle to lock/unlock the car, so I know the remote proximity is working fine.

I'm not sure if I really need to be worried, as it could have just been that I didn't wait long enough between shifting to park and shutting down, but this is the first I've ever had this happen and I haven't really changed anything about how I drive it.
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I have fired off a letter to Chevy Customer Service, probably futile, complaining that this failure is not mileage-related, but due to a component that should last the life of the car but is failing prematurely. I included pdf's of the posts from the last 2 years on this subject. I even offered to pay dealer labor if they would man up and supply the improved part on extended warranty.
While waiting for my form letter reply I offer these work-arounds for this intermittent problem: stop in N, shut off, shift to P; pause for 5 seconds in P before shut-off; open door before shifting to P; placing remote in glasses pocket next to shifter before shut-off. Sometimes these work, sometimes not. The problem seems to be confined to '16's/17's.
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