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Intermittent "Shift To Park" when shutting off

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As I approach my 2-year purchase anniversary, I guess my car decided to celebrate by presenting another annoyance.

Yesterday I parked at my neighbors' house and shut the car off. It dinged and said "Shift To Park" so I restarted it, observed that the shift indicator was indeed showing "P" (on both the shifter and dashboard), and shut it off again. It was fine for several starts/shutdowns after that.

Then today, I pulled in my garage and it happened again. Right as I was about to restart it, it also said "remote not detected, press brake to restart". So I did. Once again, I observed that "P" was shown in both places, shut it down again, and it was fine. I got out of the car and used the outside button on the door handle to lock/unlock the car, so I know the remote proximity is working fine.

I'm not sure if I really need to be worried, as it could have just been that I didn't wait long enough between shifting to park and shutting down, but this is the first I've ever had this happen and I haven't really changed anything about how I drive it.
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Do your doors unlock when you shift to Park? Mine do when this happens to me, so I think the switch is just fine and at least the door lock ECUs is fine. On my 2011 this seems to pop up every now and again, but then goes away. I do wiggle the shift lever and the message will disappear usually. I've kind of thought that it might be caused by shifting to Park and hitting the Power button to quickly.

VIN # B0985
They do unlock, and the dashboard and shifter both show "P" (steadily, not like the switch is loose or anything). I'll start waiting longer before I shut it off to see if that prevents it.

As to the remote thing, the second time I shut it down, it didn't complain...I had the remote sitting on the right edge of the passenger seat, so maybe it was just in a bad location.
I found stuff on Gen 1; haven't seen anything on Gen 2 although I'm not sure the search feature is super thorough.

It happened a third time today; I actually waited a couple seconds, made sure the doors unlocked and that "P" was displayed on the shifter and on the dashboard, and then hit the power button. "Ding ding ding! Shift To Park". I restarted it, waited for all the warning lights to go out, shut it off again, and it was fine. Very confusing. It sounds more like a software glitch than a shifter assembly problem because restarting the car and shutting it off again fixes it, without needing to touch the shifter lever at all.
I have an appointment this Saturday morning; I'm hoping they don't have to keep it, but if they do, I might be back in a base '15 Malibu again >_>
Here's a link to the other thread (you can go back to the first page if you want):
That sounds like different symptoms; I'd expect if it were the micro switch, I couldn't resolve the issue by simply restarting the car. It also unlocks the doors and doesn't re-lock them at all, so at least part of the car knows it's firmly in P. Unless there's more than one switch for detecting when it's in P...
Finally got a video of it; tried 4 times and it didn't happen at all. Fifth time was a charm this time. Now at least I have something to show to the dealer to prove there's a problem.

I know I shut it off pretty fast after shifting in the video, but I waited >10 seconds the other day and still had the issue, proving it's not related to how quickly I shut it off after shifting to park.
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