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I bought a 2013MY CPO last year; and now I'm quietly waiting to see what deal can turn up for the current generation of Volts with a new model.

I'm betting that somewhere around 2018MY release ( July/August? ) combined with the continued low price of oil and the general large number of total new cars in the manufacturing pipeline will result in both manufacture level and dealer level deals... okay, hoping :)

My current of choice is Carjojo which currently lists the number of 2017MY on the dealer lots around 4345 (can change the radius in the search URL to 3000 to see all the inventory info); InsideEVs monthly sales list about 1800 per month across the US. Comparing to last year, that is close with a step up in July/August time frame. Inventory could clear but I think the conditions this year are not conducive to that unless some assistance of incentives at dealer and manufacture level.

Just musing while I wait...
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