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Interesting discussion about Maven and the Bolt EV

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Autoline had an interesting program this week about Maven, and a good bit of it revolved around the Bolt EV. It turns out that the Bolt EV is the most popular vehicle in the Maven Gig fleet, likely because it's the least expensive to run, and that Maven is using its data and Bolt EV fleet to work together with charging infrastructure partners. Maven would like more Bolt EVs and has been promised 2000 more for the next year. Definitely worth a look:

One thing which I found interesting and didn't know about is that GM can authorize your phone to work like a fob. Hence no "pain point" of needing to transfer fobs.
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I posted this in another thread about self-driving Bolts, it's a really good podcast on LOTS of GM Bolt AV stuff, and the implications for ride sharing, how Bolt AV fit in with GM truck sales (and a whole lot more):
Yes there was a ton of interesting stuff. Would be worth its own thread I'd think, though not everyone has an hour and a half to listen to a podcast.

The takeaways for me were:

1. Autonomy roll out in the first quarter of 2019
2. Separation of autonomy from supercruise (I thought there was more collaboration)
3. Amount of logistics (maintenance, charging, etc.) involved in the roll out
4. The exact sensor suite needed (5 lidar, 14 cameras, 3 articulating radar, 8 radar, and 10 ultrasonic radar)
5. Integration of the sensor and hardware with production Bolts (not the same as a standard Bolt)
6. Cost main consideration for customers of autonomous vehicles (forget brands)
7. Aircraft approach to autonomous car including more modular and easily replaced items such as seats

Brave new world here for auto manufacturers.
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