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Interesting Comments in Andrew Edwards' Column

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Although it's mostly typical short sighted "most electricity is not carbon emissions free" BS I found a couple comments interesting. In particular these two lines.

GM planning a launch of the Volt, which uses the chassis frames from the forthcoming replacement Vauxhall Astra, in 2010.
3/08 "spy photo" of new Astra.

Volt is a very sophisticated vehicle, but on the surface it is a conventional (if very aerodynamic) five-door hatchback

Obviously either this guy has things confused or has some very different information than we've all come to believe. I'll add only that I participate in a GM sponsored survey site that had one survey asking opinions about a Volt spec car that had a hatchback design very similar to the it doesn't seem totally out of the question...perhaps the second generation?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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