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Installed Weathertech side window visors today!

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I've been running these Weathertech visors on my other vehicle for years now, and decided they are a must have for the Volt. In this area the summer heat (which has already started) is unbearable so many folks roll their windows down slightly to allow a little ventilation in the cabin. Unfortunately, this area is also known for its scattered showers that seem to pop up without notice. So with these visors, I can keep the windows down an inch or so to allow the heat to escape from the interior without worrying about rainwater ruining the leather seats. Took me about 10 minutes to install, and they fit tight and secure in the window frame. After running the windows up and down a couple of times, they seated properly and made themselves right at home. I got the light tint visors, they are also available in a darker tint. These are top quality and well worth the price.

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I might get a set ... $100 USD.
I bought a set and have an issue where the driver window on the auto-up will sometimes bounce back down when hitting the top. I'm going to spray some silicone spray along the groove they seat into to see if it'll make a difference.

And yes, the car will not be as hot as mentioned but you do still get dust into the car so expect to be wiping the inside more often than before.

I will say that I think I'm getting less buffeting as the visors come down to the top of the door and direct the air away from the window opening so that's a plus.
I thought that was what A/C was for! For wind in your hair, I have a TR7 Spider. Best of both worlds.
Yep, great to save gas $ on the Volt and spend it on a toy isn't it!
I found that I had to sand about 3 mm off the bottom of the front set - where it rests on the top of the door window sill. It's too long and, being forced up too tightly makes the piece along the A-pillar bend and constrict window motion. Very disappointed with that and the fact that they arrived pre-scratched from the factory. The rears are fine.

Overall, in spite of the numerous ads touting WeatherTech quality, I've had to sent stuff back multiple times over the years.
Thanks for that tip HiFlite … I'll do that if I need to,
@HiFlite ... took your advise but sanded maybe 2mm and it no longer bounces back down when hitting the top.
… and of course I went and jinxed myself as it's bounced back down the 2 times I tried today after not for over a week. :confused:

Going to spray some silicone along the guide so it's a smoother entry.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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