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My commute is 65 miles round trip with 12 miles each way on the Palisades Interstate Parkway.
On the way home while on the Palisades I switch to Hold Mode to run the engine, switching back to Normal when I take my exit. At that point I have a dozen miles left in the battery, more than enough to get me home.
As I switch to Normal I bring up the info screen and it will tell me that I got 40 some MPG (gas).
For the rest of my trip the engine will not kick in BUT the MPG number will change often indicating 65 MPG by the time I am home.
What is going on? Why does the MPG figure change with the engine off?


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To answer your last question first, the mpg number reflects how far you went based upon energy derived when in the CS mode, whether or not the ICE runs all the time. Remember that regeneration when in the CS mode is a recapture of energy expended while in CS mode, and therefore attributed to gas mileage. Render unto Caesar...

The above may explain why your mpg creeps up after switching back to Normal mode: you are still using energy derived from CS mode. Hold mode is a sub-variation of CS mode. Does your ICE run constantly while in Hold mode, or are there periods of time where the ICE is silent and you are running on battery directly? That would indicate that you've got energy from regeneration being used. Maybe you have more of that than was used up before switching back to Normal mode.

What bridge do you use to cross back to NY?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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