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Info on where Bolt EV will likely be exempt from sales tax

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If you can provide a link or links to official info on your state's likely exemption from sales tax of Bolt EV please add it to this thread.

Mods: this could be made a sticky for the convenience of prospective buyers.

I will start with my state, NJ, which exempts both sale and lease of certain categories of ZEVs from the state's 7% sales tax.
The list of 2017 MY exempt vehicles as of September 8, 2016 is here

My reading of the current list suggests that once the Bolt EV arrives in NJ it will be listed as a Type III ZEV defined as follows, "Type III ZEV has a range of equal to or greater than 100 miles, must be capable of replacing 95% maximum rated energy capacity in <= 10 minutes, or range of equal to or greater than 200 miles with no fast refueling requirements."

As an aside, the required charging intervals for some of NJ's ZEV categories are quite stringent and probably cannot be met by most current and proposed BEVs. Not sure who might have lobbied for those recharge requirements, but NJ is one of the few states (I believe there are only two) that prohibits drivers from putting gas into their car's gas tank. That prohibition is represented as a safety-driven law that coincidentally both creates quite a few low paying jobs and increases the price of gas at the pump.

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This page has a pretty comprehensive list of state incentives AND fees:

Looks like only NJ and WA have sales tax exemptions.
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