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Arcanox Why did you have to get your battery replaced?

We're not too happy with our 2017 volt lt. since new in December we've never seen more then 41 and usually get between 35-40 on a charge, takes 12-14 hours to charge on 110 12amp. I looked at the last year usage on the 2014 we traded and the 2017 seems to be performing worse then our 14 did. We live in the DC area, this winter has been warmer then normal with temps ranging from 30-60 all winter so far. Also new car doesn't send its data to the onstar online website so I can't even get specific data points. Never have seen anything more then 45, that was a 60 degree day no hvac running and just running around town, no speed over 55.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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