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Now we are consistently hitting the 37 deg F minimum temp, up from 33 deg F temp last month. Now my total range estimate is 539 miles. 61 miles for the battery and 478 miles for the gas. BTW, this was my first tankful of gas and haven't used any of it yet. The dealer has refilled my car twice, so technically, for the car it is on the beginning of third tankful of gas. My lifetime mpg cs is 44+, but my most recent one is about 75+, that is why the high estimated range for total. The range estimate for me is conservative. That 61 mile EV range, I can actually drive it to 68 miles as the temperature warms up in the afternoon. I always precondition the car 20 minutes while still plugged in before I use it. This is the most super efficient car ever!
Jeez, I'm jealous! I haven't seen 61 miles since before my battery replacement. I have a feeling it's not able to calibrate the new battery to its maximum capacity due to how cold it's been. And I've never seen over 400 on my gas tank...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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