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Inaccurate "energy use" display?

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If 85% of my energy use is driving, 0% is climate control and 0% is other, where is the other 15% going to? Miscellaneous?

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In an earlier thread, people assumed this meant that only 85% of your available battery energy had been used. (12.1 kWh out of 14.3 is 85%.)

Per that explanation, if you continued to drain the battery completely, only THEN would the percentages add up to 100%.

That seems unintuitive to me tho. Can anyone else with a Gen 2 confirm if this is correct or not?
For the record, I think it's stupid and confusing to display it this way.

If you're gonna display percentages of energy use right above the total kWh used number, it should be the percentages of the total kWh used, not the total available kWh.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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