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I'm getting Apple CarPlay errors...

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I've only had the car a few days, and have no prior experience with Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto for that matter. The first couple of times I plugged my phone in, everything seemed to work great. But the last couple of days I am getting the error shown below. I've tried turning the car off and back on. Unplugging and replugging my phone to the USB cable. Nothing seems to fix it. Bluetooth is working fine in the meantime though.

Although this error message shows up, I am able to play audio via CarPlay, and even the album image shows up, as you can sort of see in the image below. But no audio controls are present, meaning I have to use the phone to play and pause.

Any ideas?

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This sounds more like a iPhone problem not the Volt or CarPlay. Most problems with audio and iPhones can be solved by performing a reset of the phone. Hold Down the power and home button until you see the screen blank and wait for the apple logo pop up then release.
My guess is this will fix the problem. Also make sure you are using an Apple certified USB to Lighting cable.
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