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If you've had a heater problem....

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Please post them here. If you've had to pay for repairs please post the cost of you don't mind. If it was under warranty of any sort just make a post as well. This is specifically for gen1 cars, mostly 2012 and 2013.

Thank you for your time.
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My volt would give me no heat about once or twice per month. I brought it into the dealership, they found doc#102810015, reprogrammed the HVAC control module, and my problem disappeared. This was done under the bumper to bumper warranty
2014 Volt, no heat unless ICE running. Fixed for free under warranty by the dealership, but took 8 weeks from diagnosis to installation due to the part (aux heater pump) being backordered at the time (Dec 2016).
2013. Intermittent heater failure. Replaced module after flashing had no effect. Car was a fairly new, 1-3 months? No cost, painless and quick. Problem resolved as of 4 years later.
2013 Volt Premium has never provided enough heat to counter severe temperatures in winter. Dealerships claim that there is nothing to be fixed. The shop analysts say that only if heat was intermittent is there an identified problem to remedy.
I bought my 2013 new and a few days later no heat. Covered by warranty. The mechanic said it was a pain to fix. He had to remove a bunch of parts to replace the heater module. It has worked well since it was fixed.
Occasionally after a few short trips, sitting in parking lot for short period, cool air will blast out of dash vents, seat heaters on. Raise temp and does same thing. Next time it starts or after a charge, all is fine. Intermittent so don't know how they can find out what's up unless it does it for them.
I discovered intermittent "no heat" in October of 2013. After an unsuccessful flash attempt my dealer cannibalized a heating unit from a 2014 in their inventory and it's worked ever since.
An auxiliary coolant pump failed in my 2013 volt in 2016, leading to no heat when running off battery (still had heat when running off the ICE). This particular coolant pump is energized only when running off the battery and it circulates "coolant" past the electric heater elements. The pump was receiving the correct voltage but the impeller was not turning - thus no coolant circulation and no heat in the cabin. Due to high mileage the car was out of factory warranty. The dealership initially quoted me around $800 for repair but then announced they would fix it at no cost when they learned I had an extended warranty. Took a day to get the new pump delivered to the dealership. All has been fine since.
No heat with or without ICE, 2015 Auxiliary Coolant Pump, fixed under warranty. Took 2 days to get parts.
Heat stopped abruptly, fixed quickly under warrant. Don't know what they replaced.
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