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If you were GM what would you do about the 2019 model year

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In reviewing the state of where the volt sits now in 2018, there are some things that are painfully clear.

Discounts on the volts can be $3k to $6k off MSRP. Then the consumer can take federal tax credit of $7500 and potentially state tax credit too.

All this— and dealers still cannot move the 2018 volts. There are even 2017 volts still around.

The volt is a good car and one of the most technologically challenging and inventive mass market cars ever built. But it’s a compact sedan is an SUV/Crossover world and initial sticker scare of $40k for a Chevy might hurt too. The Bolt cousin certainly didn’t help clarify the consumer space.

So, if you were GM what would you do about the 2019 model year?

Would you simply halt production on volt since you are clearly losing money on each one?

Would you double down on the volt and give it a refresh plus battery boost?

Or would you simply produce a 2019 in small volumes but with minor changes such as new paint colors?
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