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Many of us older guys remember the Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies Home Journal. These magazines were two of the magazine's published by the Curtis Publishing Co. In their day, Curtis was one of the biggest publishers, but went out of business in the late 60's. What is interesting is they found it more economical to replace their horse drawn power with electric power in 1912 to haul cargo. Curtis purchased 22 lead acid battery powered trucks and used them almost continuously for over 50 years. While not quick, they were faster than a horse or mule, and cost a lot less to operate. These trucks were smaller than a modern pickup, but capable of carrying a whopping 10 ton payload.

Here's an article I found on these trucks which you might find interesting reading. Hopefully the remaining trucks can be restored as I think the motors still work only batteries are required.

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Very cool
Some 45 lead-acid batteries are used to power four 85-volt, 10-amp GE motors for a top speed of 12 MPH empty and two-thirds of that figure laded with a max of ten tons of cargo. Impressively, 15 are believed to remain, and though this one’s certainly a bit scruffy, it still works and looks built well enough to do so for another 106 years.

Each wheel is backed by one 85-volt, 10-amp General Electric motor. The each produced 16 HP when new, and give the truck true
four wheel drive.

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