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While walking back from moving my Volt from a charging spot I see a white mini-van in one of the EV charging spaces outside my building. On the van's windshield is a ticket. Inside the van's windshield was a temporary parking permit. So, not only does the Colorado School of Mines ticket you if you don't have an appropriate parking permit, they'll also ticket you if you're not charging while in one of the six EV charging spots on campus. Since it's a State owned University that's a State parking ticket.
Is the electric charging free at the those electric parking only spots, or do you have to pay. I can see that if you have to pay with vehicle charging there would be a financial loss for the company in charge of the electric charging stations. Not so much if its a 100% free station, even though I agree with the owner or responsible of that vehicle getting a warning or violation citation for parking.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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