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Here is the article:

The teenage driver was from Syracuse, NY. He attended a concert in Toronto, it was his first time in that city. He parked in an underground garage, one of dozens of similar downtown underground parking facilities. The only local landmarks Mr. Strickland, the driver, could recall were a Starbucks, a construction site, what might have been a bank and a strange spiral outdoor structure. Evidently, that pretty much describes a good part of downtown Toronto. He should have written the address on the parking ticket or dropped a pin on the map using his phone. The fact that he ICE'd an EV charging space is unfortunate. That is probably one of the reasons it took so long to locate the vehicle, no one was looking for his Nissan Versa sedan in the EV parking spaces.

Too bad he was not driving a GM vehicle. He could have located the vehicle with the help of the MyChevrolet app. His story would make a great commercial for Chevrolet. I'd put him a Volt, have him attend the next Metallica concert in Toronto. Park in the same garage in the same EV parking space, this time charge the Volt. After the concert, he could use the MyChevrolet App to help him get back to the Volt.

[Update] There is more to the story, Mr. Strickland, the teenage driver had lost his Nissan Versa once before attending a different concert. That time he dropped his spare key next to the Versa. Someone took the Versa for a short ride, he later found the Versa undamaged. Seriously, if you had a teenage son with a history of losing his car, would you want him driving to Canada to attend a Metallica concert, alone?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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