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ICE running noise issues

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So far I am loving my used 2013 Volt that I just recently bought. It has 65K miles on it, most of that on the ICE with about 11k on electric. Everything on the car is doing great. The only issue (and I have searched the forum for info) that I have is that when the ICE is running you can feel engine vibration in the car. Especially at certain RPM's. I swear sometimes it sounds like an airplane propeller or a motorboat echoing through the car. I can't imagine it sounding like this when it was new for it is quite noticable. It is almost like there is something (shield or something) that vibrates when the engine rev's up through it's rpms and it sends vibrations throughout the car or maybe the exhaust is touching the frame or body somewhere. The car has not had any accidents that I can tell. Carfax was clean and it was a fleet car so I have all maintenance records on it and no issues have been noted. The engine appears to run fine though and I don't have any messages or codes. It is just the vibration and the noise. Is this something that is common? I have not had the opportunity to ride in another Volt to see how others sound when running on the ICE. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had any excessive engine vibration/noise issues and what they may have found or done to get it fixed.
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As others...not sure EXACTLY what you're hearing but...
If you're depleting the battery range or running in HOLD or Mountain the engine will rev up as needed to replenish the battery to the reserve or back to where you set it at. There is quite a disconnect between what your foot is telling the car to do and what the engine is doing. This is why many use the ICE in highway or non-residential areas and save some charge for more quiet areas and switch back to battery in those instances. It doesn't make as much of a racket if you put on hold with some charge on the meter (I like to set at about 5 miles and then tap that as I approach home) as opposed to a depleted charge and the generator trying to replace depleted reserve.
Again, not sure if this is what you're hearing.
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