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ICE mode efficiency

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Driving my 2017 for the first time on a long trip requiring gasoline I wondered if I wanted to get the most mpg out of my gasoline should I be in normal mode or hold. I realize hold is normally used to save battery for city driving later but if that is not a constraint which mode gives best use of gasoline at highway speeds and why?
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We have a 2016 Volt Premier model and so far are closing in on 15,000 miles. states we are averaging 44.8 mpg lifetime on the gasoline engine. Last trip we averaged over 47 mpg driving 127 miles just on gas highway driving with 4 adults in the car for a 170 mile roundtrip to Portland Oregon. I would anticipate summer conditions to bring that up to 50 mpg on the gasoline engine.

My wife and I usually leave for a shopping trip to the Portland Oregon area with a full charge and drive on electricity and at about 10 miles of electric range left I place it in hold mode. Then I know in heavy traffic and in the city I can go back to electric with the push of a button.

I have noticed our Volt when driving just on the gas engine is increased in mpg from when new. Back when new we were getting in the low 40's to mid 40's or so mpg's, now it seems we are always well over 45 mpg and this is not summer conditions as when we purchased our Volt in July 2016.

The 2016-17 Volt appears to be a well designed and a very fuel efficient engine using 87 regular octane gasoline at that. The last trip we were probably at 4,300 lbs in weight when you consider 4 adults in the car and over 47 mpg on the engine that's pretty hard to beat in my book....
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