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I want badges that........

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I want my Volt to have badges, especially side ones (preferablly as small lightning bolts), that have a small green LED that goes on when in all electric mode. Have them turn white when the ICE is charging.

I want the world, or at least the cars beside me when I am stuck in traffic, to see the future of the automobile, and know that it is electric.
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I think that such markings should be utilized. I really feel that for GM to capitalize on their efforts they must go beyond simple sales. The goal should be to have the VOLT and GM become synonymous with electric vehicles. Just how the Prius is with hybrids. That is why I suggested the illuminated badges. It is imperative to capitalize early on the novelty.

Lyle, acting as a neurologist, can explain the the improtance of the novelty gradient in neural network encoding, if he so wishes.
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