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I thought it was a sticky rear caliper

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Nope. One of the brake pads on the left rear caliper delaminated from the backplate. My 2012 Volt had almost 59k miles. About a month ago I started to hear a high pitched squeek at speeds below 20 mph. My thought was that lack of use from all the regen made them "glaze over" and cause the noise. I did a couple moderately hard stops and the squeek went away...still heard a very quiet rubbing noise below 5mph when the windows were down, though...

Investigating further, I noticed that after my commute my left rear rotor was moderately hot/very warm while the right remained cool or slightly warm. I jacked up the car and found the left rear definitely didn't spin as freely as the right and emitted a rubbing noise.

Paid my dealer $30 to tell me the extra drag and uneven rotor warmth is, "probably from the pad contacting the rust ridge" at the outer diameter of the rotor near the edge of the pad. I accepted the answer for about a week. After talking with friends, I decided to take it to a local shop thinking the pins in the caliper needed to be cleaned and lubricated to allow full retraction. When they told me the news, I asked for them to save the old can see rust on the backplate where the pad was supposed to remain had been separated for a while.


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Sounds like a bad or lazy dealer technician who charged for an opinion rather than an actual inspection.

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The same thing happened to me on my 2002 Prius, only it was the right front. Lots of squeaking when turning right. I was able to see that the outside pad had dropped. I was a couple of hundred miles away from home and the drive back was worrisome.
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