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I need to disable auto-unlock

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The Chevy Volt 2013 key fob is not waterproof so I can't take it with me when I surf. The other options are to hide it on the car (dumb i know, but we surfers do that all the time) or put it in a lockbox attached to the door handle. But this auto-unlock feature - where the car can be opened if the Fob is anywhere nearby - makes it all impossible (it even activates through the metal and plastic of the lockbox.) I looked in the manual and there were vague allusions to disabling some parts of the fob but i followed the instructions and absolutely nothing changed. I admit this could be pilot error. I think there must be a way to disable it, but it sure is complicated.

I looked at the fob so I could pull out the battery. Couldn't find a hammer-less way to do this. Also I fear this will stop the car from starting.

I went to a locksmith. They can make a key for the door but the Chevy wouldn't start with it. They tried to program their microchip to no avail.

Chevrolet says "We've never had this issue before." They had no advice on how to disable the entry, and insisted that they don't make keys without the fob. This is dismaying to me. The very technology that is supposed to make life easier is making my life very very hard. It's pretty absurd. I just want a KEY. That's it, for goodness sake. Does anyone have a solution to this?
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I can think of three possible solutions:

1. Instead of hiding the key fob in a magnetic key box under the fender.... Hide the key fob in another location nearby. (Under a rock somewhere.)

2. Take the battery out of the key fob. Hide the fob as any other car key... Use the fob mechanical key to open the door and insert the key fob into the emergency start slot in the center dash compartment to drive home.

3. Buy a small waterproof case like this one and keep it with you.
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The car came with two key fobs. Take the battery out of one key fob. That will be your surfing Keyfob. The second key fob will be your normal key fob for daily driving.

When you go surfing use the key fob without the battery. You can manually lock/unlock the door with the mechanical key. Hide the key fob as you would hide any other metal key. When you return to your car you can retrieve your key fob former hiding place and open the door with the mechanical key and then insert the key fob into the emergency start slot located in the top center dash compartment. The Volt can be started and driven without a battery in the key fob.

I fail to see how this is different form a 1962 pickup truck. Just buy a hide-a-key that fits the key fob. Take the battery out of the key fob. Problem solved.
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