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I need 240V at rental house for EVSE...

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The house I am renting has a small electrical box without room to add a new ckt for my clipper creek LCS-20P. I was going to make an ultra heavy duty extension cable (10gauge 4 conductor, 600V insulation... more robust than normal wiring in conduit) and a splitter cable from the dryer plug going to both the dryer and the extension cable. I will just never run the dryer while the car is charging.

Now, my problem... the house wiring is set up for a 10-30 (3 wire) dryer plug! Will the clipper creek LCS-20P accept having the ground and neutral on the same pin or will this cause problems? If it will not cause problems, I can go with a 3 wire 10 gauge cable vs the 4 wire cable and save a bit of cost, and have the 3 wire to 4 wire adaptor at the EVSE end of the cable.

If I can't run the LCS-20P on this setup, I can just re-configure to run my stock 2016 EVSE at 240V... but I would prefer to use the LCS-20P and return the stock EVSE to its storage compartment in the car for use as a portable unit rather than leaving it plugged in at home.

Thanks for any information,


PS: Just checked and clipper creek does not "recommend" using a 10-30 to 14-30 adaptor... if I want to do it "right" I can just drive a ground rod into the earth next to my plug and attach the 4th wire to the grounding rod... I just want to know before I start if the simple adaptor cord will work.
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My landlord said I could only install a 240V circuit if I took out a $1M insurance policy with him as the beneficiary. That and the fact that the electrician wanted $1100 to upgrade the wiring between the house and the garage sub-panel made it a non-starter for me. To be honest with my typical driving pattern I don't have to fully charge each day, and at [email protected] or even 8A I usually have a full battery each morning.

I definitely recommend getting the landlords permission before making any changes to the property electrical system. The last thing you want would be blame for an electrical fire... or even just loss of deposit if they feel like getting nasty about it and the end of your lease.
$1M policy??? That's nuts. Sounds like the guy doesn't understand electrical circuits.
I think he just his way of saying "no". Fortunately he's a decent landlord otherwise, and I can live with the 120v. Next time we move, I'll be discussing charging options before signing the lease.
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