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I need 240V at rental house for EVSE...

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The house I am renting has a small electrical box without room to add a new ckt for my clipper creek LCS-20P. I was going to make an ultra heavy duty extension cable (10gauge 4 conductor, 600V insulation... more robust than normal wiring in conduit) and a splitter cable from the dryer plug going to both the dryer and the extension cable. I will just never run the dryer while the car is charging.

Now, my problem... the house wiring is set up for a 10-30 (3 wire) dryer plug! Will the clipper creek LCS-20P accept having the ground and neutral on the same pin or will this cause problems? If it will not cause problems, I can go with a 3 wire 10 gauge cable vs the 4 wire cable and save a bit of cost, and have the 3 wire to 4 wire adaptor at the EVSE end of the cable.

If I can't run the LCS-20P on this setup, I can just re-configure to run my stock 2016 EVSE at 240V... but I would prefer to use the LCS-20P and return the stock EVSE to its storage compartment in the car for use as a portable unit rather than leaving it plugged in at home.

Thanks for any information,


PS: Just checked and clipper creek does not "recommend" using a 10-30 to 14-30 adaptor... if I want to do it "right" I can just drive a ground rod into the earth next to my plug and attach the 4th wire to the grounding rod... I just want to know before I start if the simple adaptor cord will work.
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First step is discuss this with the home owner/landlord/agency.
Second step is have a local professional electrician involved.
Listen to Joe. Then check with your insurance agent as well.
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