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I made a sale!

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I manage help desk for an agency that has over 1500 employees, eight offices and will take in up to 75,000 calls in one day on occasion. One of my telephone consultants has been admiring my 2016 Malibu Hybrid with the Voltec 2 drive train. I would take him to lunch and would occasionally explain how I love the car and would have wanted a Volt, but it was just too small as I'm 6'4" and my kids are both over 6' already.

So, apparently he decided to look at replacing his 1999 Toyota GS300 with 400,000 miles with a Volt. He asked me tons of questions last month about the Voltec drive train, reliability, battery issues and whatnot.

Well, I convinced him. Last weekend, he pulled the trigger on a 2017 Premier with all the goodies and loves it.

Now, I need to switch careers and go into the car business.
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Good on ya! Do you have a referal code?
No wait, wrong company.. :rolleyes:
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