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I lost the center screen display

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My curiosity got the best of me and I may be paying the price. In anticipation for a possible radio upgrade, I removed the center stack panel today. I was very careful to gingerly disconnect all 6 harness connections on the back of the panel. When I was done examining and taking pictures, I carefully connected all connections making sure every connector clicked in place. I reinstalled the panel and lower shifter trim. When I power up the car the center screen is OFF. There is no visual indication of power to the display. I pull the out again and rechecked the connections and all appears good. Still NO screen. What did I do wrong? Is there some kind of serial data handshake that was disrupted when I removed the screen connections?

I'm at a loss

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I go by the rule, if it ain't broke, don't touch it. Plus, it's getting harder to justify putting in an aftermarket sound system as when you do so, you can't very well rip out the current center console as there's so much ev info and car configuration that can be done through the center console. Onstar, Bluetooth for streaming and phone, it's just too much to rip out so you can add a pioneer, blaupunkt, etc. to the car.
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