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I lost the center screen display

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My curiosity got the best of me and I may be paying the price. In anticipation for a possible radio upgrade, I removed the center stack panel today. I was very careful to gingerly disconnect all 6 harness connections on the back of the panel. When I was done examining and taking pictures, I carefully connected all connections making sure every connector clicked in place. I reinstalled the panel and lower shifter trim. When I power up the car the center screen is OFF. There is no visual indication of power to the display. I pull the out again and rechecked the connections and all appears good. Still NO screen. What did I do wrong? Is there some kind of serial data handshake that was disrupted when I removed the screen connections?

I'm at a loss

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That's for the Gen 2, does the Gen 1 also have this same module? I'd suggest a hard reset of everything by pulling the 12V battery for a minute or so.
I believe I pulled the positive side when I did mine. The left side when standing in front of the battery. I just loosened the nut and pulled it up and off the terminal.
As with anything electrical, always remove the power source. I know on mine, when I open the door, the screens (both) do turn the back light on indicating they're live. I would assume based on that observation that they are receiving power even with the vehicle powered off. I can only assume that the disconnecting and reconnecting was disagreeable to whatever module sends the signal to the screen.

The thought about doing a hard reset was in the hopes that it reset any possible protection circuitry that may have been built into the display system. Unfortunately it's starting to look like a potential trip to the service department might be in order.

I guess the next question might be if you have any functional touch screen operation. If you do, perhaps it may be as simple as a bad back light that may have been knocked out when connecting/disconnecting in which replacing the screen itself which might be cheap enough on Ebay.

I don't believe the screen itself needs special programming, however I do know if you replace the center stack with a different one (adding heated seats or nav) then that needs programming.

I definitely wish you luck both with the car and the wife.
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If there are no screen functions at all, I'd probably suggest the dealership first since I have my suspicions that a screen likely won't fix this. However, there is one on Ebay for $120 which I suppose you could try.
Even better! I just did a quick search, didn't feel like going through pages of cars and that was the first one I came across. Good luck and keep us posted.
Happy to hear it was a relatively inexpensive repair. Had a similar repair on the touchscreen for my mom's Porsche. She spilled coffee into it, the cup holder placement is DIRECTLY ABOVE THE STEREO! I found a replacement radio was prohibitively expensive, but fortunately the old screen had a Samsung PN. $300 replacement screen fixed it, vs. $2500 for a new head unit!
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