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I lost the center screen display

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My curiosity got the best of me and I may be paying the price. In anticipation for a possible radio upgrade, I removed the center stack panel today. I was very careful to gingerly disconnect all 6 harness connections on the back of the panel. When I was done examining and taking pictures, I carefully connected all connections making sure every connector clicked in place. I reinstalled the panel and lower shifter trim. When I power up the car the center screen is OFF. There is no visual indication of power to the display. I pull the out again and rechecked the connections and all appears good. Still NO screen. What did I do wrong? Is there some kind of serial data handshake that was disrupted when I removed the screen connections?

I'm at a loss

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I'm trying to pull the negative cable terminal now, but it's not letting go. What's the secret? The nut is removed, the terminal is loose but I can't get it to let go of the post. Is there a special trick?
Well, I finally got it to let go. Unfortunately, No joy on the reset. Still no screen power up. Meanwhile the driver screen works fine.

I fear I'm not going to here the end of it when I tell the wife what happened.

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Is there a fuse for just the screen? I have audio the XM is still playing fine. Just a black (no power) screen.

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Thanks for the information. Sadly the fuse checked out good. I also used the voice command to turn display ON. Even though it replied back "display set to ON" it did not come on. I've checked all the connections multiple times. Nothing I did should have caused this.

When you've had your screen out in the past, did you disconnect the battery first, Or just unplug things?

Does the screen require special programming to work with the radio or that just for the main radio itself?

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thanks. No screen functions period. All center stack buttons work. The car is still under CPO 12 month B2B warranty. However, given the circumstances I think I'll try a different screen off EBay first. If that doesn't do it I'll take it in. Unfortunately, my servicing dealer is an hour drive away.

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I just bought one for $70 plus SH. That won't break the bank just to try it.

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True, but I'm not looking at aftermarket different brand systems. Just a later model GM unit with today's features.

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Most definitely will do that. I have a subscription to Alldatadiy for the car. I've located the connector pin out info but won't have access to the car again till Friday. By then I should have my USED replacement screen to try also.

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I only disconnected required center stack connections and set it aside to take photos of visible component info labels for future reference.

The 8 pin black connection appears have the power supply feeds and signal wire. I'm not sure what the blue connector does. I can't find information about it. I'm guessing it's a data connection.

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Besides the power/ground connection, the other connector for the touchscreen terminates into the radio module.

Stupid question but did you also happen to disconnect any connectors from the radio module? If so, you may want to re-check the radio connectors as well since missing this connection on the radio would give the same symptom as not having the touchscreen connected.

Good luck on getting this issue sorted!;)
I didn't touch the head unit connections. The only thing I disturbed was the black box above the head unit. Not sure what module it is. And only to tip it out of its retaining clips about 45 deg. To see the 3 large connectors on the back side. I tipped it back in and snapped it back in place.

With the connector pinout info I should be able to probe for +12v in a couple locations.

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Friday Update as promised.

My Ebay Used Screen arrived yesterday. I just went out and did the trial test by disconnecting the 2 connectors from the mounted screen and plugging them in to the replacement screen setting on the storage compartment lid. To be safe, I kept the Fob away from the car and let the open door initialization power OFF before I started working with the connectors, just too make sure the harness did not have power. When I opened the door to go get the key fob, the Driver (black) screen lit up as expected then after a few seconds the Info screen lit up the (black) screen just for a brief moment. Once I had the fob again, the entry initialization woke up BOTH screens just like Normal. The replacement Screen works YAY!

So, was the problem the original screen or possible bad connection? I unplugged the now powered off replacement screen and plugged in the original again. I powered up the initialization again and NOTHING. I have no clue as to what would have caused the Original screen to FAIL, but it did. I looked at the pins in the screen side connections and they were all there and in perfect condition. I went ahead and did the permanent Screen swap and All is Normal again.

A Big THANK YOU goes out to SOMMS for providing the Ebay link to used screens. Today EBay definitely was my Friend. Thank you to everyone else that offered info and suggestions. It all helped me get a better understanding of how things are laid out in this rolling computer.

Much to my surprise my wife didn't give me too much grief over the whole thing. She knows I like to "see how things work" and that I would fix it, one way or the other.
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