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I just drove a Fiat 500e!!!!! ($87 a month lease!)

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So a buddy from work did the deal this morning at Fremont Fiat (NorCal) before coming in (50 minutes with the test drive!)and I offered to go get the car with him. Got back about an hour ago...and it's a nice little car!
First the lease deal: $3500 down. $1000 rebate if you lease anything currently (car is eligible for $2500 rebate from state of California) Monthly payment: ~$87 a month! This is the TOTAL, out the door monthly payment.

Car is a nice black with orange mirrors, nice tires and black rims with orange accents.

I'd sat in a 500 gasser before, so I sort of knew what to expect. I think it's a nice, competent car. quiet to drive, easy to see out of, good mirrors and for my 6'2" #280 60 yr. old body, it was comfortable to sit in for the 25 mile drive back to his house.

The car is lively on the freeway and on city street, quick in the 0-40 mph range and fine merging on the freeway. It's quiet, tracks well and you sit up high with a nice view.

The deal is a screaming one and the dealer is selling cars hand over fist-it's a limited time thing. Call Norman @510.771.1500, he's the sales guy my buddy (jack) spoke with.

(They also have the new Alfa sports's a beauty for $72k)

Have fun
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For $72k I think I'll get the Z/06 or Cayman-s!!
I hear you, but OMG, that car is beautiful!

(and $72k is the fancy special "Launch" edition price...the basic car is ~$56k)
The 4C? Did they add ANY storage space?
Yes, the 4C..and, well, you can always wear a fishing vest!

(they did C&D wrote "Cargo capacity is nearly nonexistent at just 3.7 cubic feet )
Interesting on the Fiat 500e... So it was $3500 down, but did that include the $2500 from the State of California and the lease rebate? Or is it $3500 down and whatever you qualify for knocks that down...

Kinda confused me there.

Not that it really matters as even if I wanted one, I don't live in California or Oregon...
The deal is $3500 down. The$2500 rebate from the state is yours for the applying (took about 6 weeks when I applied~4 months ago)

The $1000 lease rebate is at the time of the deal.

So, best case: $3500-$1000=$2500 time of purchase, $2500-$2500 6 weeks later=$0
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