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I just bought a 2013 Volt

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I am a former Leaf owner, so I am very familiar with EVs.
I drove my Leaf for 5 years and only lost 10% battery capacity.
I just needed to be able to drive further than a single charge would allow anymore, so I switched.

I'm loving it so far!
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Now, back to reading about putting rear view camera on it.
I have already found most of the threads related to that. Looks like I'll be sending my radio off for a reprogram unless a local radio shop can do it. I'm willing a pay a little more to not have to take the radio out myself. Well, if my finances allow... Might have to wait a tax return...
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Congrats on the '13! Great model year -- that was my first intro to the Volt and at least partial EV driving.

I can't help you on the rearview camera, but there are some good posts on here about those who have had success installing one.
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