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I is discustipated

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My first electricity bill since my solar system went online

Pop quiz

Which of the following are charges, taxes, and fees I pay to the electric company each month and which are quotes from the 1980 movie; Popeye?

Customer account charge $.38

Delivery service charge $3.56

Environmental benefits surcharge $.99

Federal environmental improvement surcharge $.02

Systems benefit charge $.39

Power supply adjustment -$.18

Metering $.54

Meter reading $.37

Billing $.42

Docking tax $.25

Generation of electricity $7.79

Federal transmission and ancillary services $.69

Federal transmission cost adjustment $.94

Four Corners cost adjustment $.29

LFCR adjustor $.28

New in town tax $.17

Leaving your junk lying around the warf tax $1.00

Regulatory assessment $.04

State sales tax $.94

County sales tax $.12

City sales tax $.45

Franchise fee $.33

Embarrassing the tax man tax sunflower

Another thing I got is a sensk of humiligration. Now, maybe you swabs can pool your intelligensk and sees that I'm axking you for an apologeky.
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Or phone companies. My $10 phone line costs me $38 because of all the fees and taxes.
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