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I haven't been to a gas station since early August

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I love this car!
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I may have you beat. I flat out don't even remember the last time I put gas in my Volt. I suspect it was longer ago than August, though.
I go every 10.5 months or so when my tank goes stale. Last time was April 23, 2014. Time Before that was June 9, 2013.

I figure my next visit will be around February 2015.
I love this car!
The feeling is mutual. It's great being able to pass by the gas station so many times and not having to pull in and fill up.

The Volt is so awesome!
I went in May when I got back from a 1600 mile road trip.
We normally take a trip or two to Portland Oregon or Longview Washington every few weeks and use a little gas in our Volt. We
never have to worry about stale gas. The ride is more comfortable and enjoyable than using our 2010 Prius.
I average 2 & 3/4 months between gas fill ups.
If we used our Volt as only a commuter/city vehicle, we could do that as well. But we don't. We just get in and go like we've always done.

This weekend we'll drive to the coast (Corpus Christi = 150 miles south) to share in spreading the ashes of a relative into the Gulf, then drive to the Mexican border (Laredo = 150 miles west) to visit other relatives, then home (150 miles). Our Volt was in Laredo last weekend and in Louisiana a couple of weekends before that.

Approaching 35K miles @ 66% EV in just under 2 years of ownership = Miles and Miles of Smiles!!
My best tank so far - 10,835 miles and going. Last time I went to the gas station was Feb 4, 2014. This car never ceases to amaze me.

The only thing is the cold weather is coming for us North Easterners.
Approaching 35K miles @ 66% EV in just under 2 years of ownership = Miles and Miles of Smiles!!
I hit 37.5k miles at the two year mark (38% EV). I probably average one trip a week to the gas station. 59 mpg lifetime! I can't complain about that. With winter coming and new tires that number might drop a bit. I'll still be driving, though, and not worrying about how far I go on any trip.
I put 6 gallons in recently because premium gas fell below $3.50 in southern California.

2014 Volt since Easter 2014: 3,500 miles 85% electric 196 mpg
We don't really have the joy of asking "What's the price of gas right now?"

It mainly depends on weather and what happens on a weekend. During summer we went up to a month between fills. But, in winter it could end up being filled every week, with a short fill. (I do like the irony of a relatively efficient, short electric trip to my local gas station.)

- Wife's commute is only 6 miles round trip, although one per week maybe 20 miles due to splitting time at another site; and Friday can include a take-out lunch run that make it another 20 mile day. So, no problem there, except ERDTT. :(
- Usually my wife goes out one evening during the week and that can makes it a 45 to 50 mile day, mostly highway, which leads to a little to half a gallon of gas being burned.
- In winter she'll also use remote start before leaving work, which would cause some gas to be burned on below average winter days that mean ERDTT.
- At the weekend our normal trip is 105 miles. Occasionally it's 76 miles (with [email protected] destination charging), or very occasionally 160 miles with no destination charging.

So, ignoring ERDTT, if on a typical week it's the 50 mile and 105 mile trips with undulating highway driving the ones that need gas to be burned:
Nice: 42 AER, 40 mpg - 1.775gal - fill every 3 to 4 weeks
Meh: 36 AER, 36 mpg - 2.306 gal - fill every 3 weeks
Bleagh: 28 AER, 28 mpg - 3.536 gal - fill every 1 or 2 weeks

We're about 44% EV and 58.n mpg right now. But last winter we couldn't charge through most of it, when we could it was mostly [email protected] at home and the car was parked outside, dragging down the numbers. Now it'll be charged every day and parked in an unheated garage and I'm excited to see how much difference that'll make.
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I seem to fill up about once a quarter, seldom enough that I HATE when I have to. 221mpg lifetime
I bought my new Volt on August 25th and I haven't put gas in since. Going to the gas station is replaced by plugging in the Volt. But plugging in is much less objectionable. It seems like I was always running out of gas at the most inopportune times.
6 of my last 7 trips to the gas station were to refill cans for my mower. Last time I was there, I went ahead and topped off the Volt tank too. 4.8 gallons after 2800 miles. Prior to that, I filled up in August for the first time since May and it took 6 gallons after 5800 miles. This makes refueling my diesel Silverado a very painful experience by comparison!
I got my Volt 3 months ago, and have never been to a gas station. I still have about 6 gallons left. I know the tank is pressurized and the engine will run at least every 6 weeks, but will I ever have to worry about the gas going bad? Filling up once every 10 months or so is a long time.
We just spent $24 on a fill-up - first since February. We wouldn't have needed it but the wife wants fresher gas for winter and she's spent last week trying to burn off old gas.
...will I ever have to worry about the gas going bad? Filling up once every 10 months or so is a long time.
No, when the average age of the tank is 1 year old you will be greeted with this message whoich will force the engine to run. Adding additional gas will average the old gas with the new gas. So if ou have 1/2 tank of old gas and add 1/2 tank of new gas you will then have 6 months until you will have fuel maintenance again, assuming no more gas is added. What I do is burn off all the gas and add the minimum to turn off fuel maintenance which is around 1.5 gallons or so.

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I must go to the gas station later today.
To get Beer.:)
$10 bucks July 2014. Refuse to put more than that ata a time if not gonna use it. Right now my odometer reads 2540 miles and .9 gallons used.

Ian B
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